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Cement Sheet Partition

Cement wall panels,also known as Extruded Polystyrene (EPS) Panel is a structural insulated panel used in the construction industry for creating partitions. It consists of a rigid Insulating layer sandwiched between two layers of board. The structural board of the EPS Cement Sandwich Panel can either be of Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO) or Cement Fiber Board. The rigid insulation core of the EPS Panel acts as a web, while the outer boards fulfill the function of the flanges. EPS Cement sandwich panels combine several components such as studs, joists, insulation, vapor and air barrier.

Cement Sheet Partition Benefits

Weather resistance

It will not rot or lose its composition in the presence of rain, water leakage, wind , dew or any harsh weather conditions.

Fire resistance

Cement cladding sheets are an inert material; they are non-combustible and have very good fire resistant properties.



Fiber Cement sheets are very strong and durable. They have a very good resistance to impact and add more strength to the wall..


Easy Installation

Corrosion resistant screws are used for the installation of the cement sheets with which they can be installed horizontally or vertically on the wall surface.


Environmental safety

Fibre cement boards are environmentally safe. Fibre cement boards are made of fibre and cement which is much less harmful to nature.



Fiber cement offers a striking beauty just in the material makeup alone. Compound the natural looks with advanced manufacturing methods.

Cement Sheet Partion Design Inspiration

Find Inspiration with these beautifully crafted designer ceilings and imagine a delightful transformation for your spaces.

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